Photo Tour of the Arizona and Pacific Railroad

Arizona & Pacific Railroad

Photo Tour of the A&P RR

Photo Tour

Photos of the Arizona & Pacific

          The route the A & P RR travels is across a piece of property which receives "irrigation" every two weeks for its numerous fruit trees. Water from a series of canals floods the property twelve inches deep at those times. The track is laid two feet above the rest of the property on an elevated roadbed constructed with a thousand feet of block retaining walls, hundreds of tons of rock backfill and a twelve foot trestle across the irrigation head. Crushed granite ballast, treated 4 x 4 ties and 12 lb. rail comprise the balance of the roadbed and track.

Future Right of Way

Future site of the A&P RR Right of Way

Future site

Future site of the train shed


The first of many loads of gravel for the roadbed and ballast

Train Shed & Gravel

The train shed and another load of gravel


The Roadbed after a lot of leveling and raking


The first ties are roughed into place

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