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Arizona and Pacific RR

The Arizona & Pacific Railroad

The Arizona & Pacific Railroad in Peoria, Arizona

          The Arizona and Pacific Railroad, a project of John Sayre (with help from brother David), is located in Peoria, Arizona a rapidly growing suburb northwest of Phoenix. The roster of motive power includes MTC G-16 No. 582 and two Allan Herschell S-16s numbers 59-1873 and 60-1880. Two speeders, a handcar and three coaches fill out the MOW and rolling stock rosters.

Leaving the shed

"Phoenix" is one of two S-16's on the A&P RR

Phoenix on the service track

Phoenix sitting on the service track

Speeder 1

Speeder No. 1 in front of the engine house


A view of the first and smallest trestle


The handcar

Speeder #2

Speeder No. 2

          The A & P RR can trace its origins to a Fall day in 1994 when the Sayre Bros. attended a rare open house at the Flagstaff and Middle Verde Railroad of Malcolm and Martha Mackey in Camp Verde, Arizona and "got hooked" on Allan Herschell and Miniature Train Company equipment and its operation. They purchased their first significant piece of equipment in May of the following year.

          The current line consists of just over 1500 feet of 16 gauge mainline and sidetracks which travel among fruit trees and gardens and past brick observation patios. Nine switches, two crossing signals, five trestles, water tank, gallows style turntable, transfer table and one-stall engine house are currently in place. Two additional MTC switches, three more crossing signals, two MTC block signals and a MTC crossing gate have been restored and await installation.

View from behind the trestle

A view from behind the first trestle

Viewing Benches

Phoenix seen from one of the brick viewing platforms

          At Sayre Junction a restored early 20th century AT&SF RY phone booth and baggage cart are among the items on display. A&P Junction features two working 1950's vintage Skee Ball games in addition to a WHIP ride car and Dodgem bumper car. Several railroad collectibles and amusement ride items can be seen when riding on the A&P RR.

Sayre Junction

Early 20th century phone booth and baggage cart

Skee Ball

Working 1950's vintage Skee Ball lanes

          Engine No. 1 of the A & P RR , the "Phoenix" is the current showpiece of the railroad. It was originally purchased by Del Webb (1959) and operated at his HiWay House Hotel and convention center in Phoenix. The history of the Phoenix at Del Webb's Hiway House and some Hiway House collectibles are also available on this web site.

click for a larger view

Click for a larger view

          The Arizona & Pacific Railroad has it's own website at which chronicles the railroad in much greater detail (including the restoration of the "Sandusky" and the G-16).

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